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This is where you get your latest news about movies in Netherlands.

Amsterdam is a great city no matter what the season is. And in fact, this city gives importance to its culture so much that it has several places that feature different types of art. From its more than 400 museums, it also has hundreds of places where you can watch movies.

The good thing in Amsterdam is it shows movies in its original language. It just includes Dutch subtitles for the locals therefore, any English speaker won’t find it difficult to watch a movie in this city. Exceptions to this are children movies. Normally, they do two screenings, one is subbed in Dutch while the other is in its original language.

During summertime, it is a wonderful season especially for moviegoers especially if you are looking for what to do in Amsterdam. There are several outdoor film festivals where you can watch different genres of films outside, with the sky and the stars as your background. It’s a perfect activity before you enjoy the great nightlife of the city.

If you want to find out more about any movies shown in Netherlands, we got you. That’s what we live for. Even if you are only doing an Amsterdam holiday with a canal bus roundtrip tour, this is a great time for you.


One thing that we work hard for is coming up with reviews and recaps of films that we have watched. We want to share this to everyone because they deserve to know the film’s brilliance or misfortunes. What we do is we pool people from different backgrounds, those who have film background and those who don’t. We review based on technicalities and also, based on the life value that it will bring.

We don’t accept paid reviews as this challenges our credibility. So when we suggest a film, we are sure that it is a great one without any string attached. This setup let us grow from a small team to an actual news website that we are today.


We also come up with our own list. We like doing lists. And we constantly update our lists without worrying about alexa traffic. This is because we want those who favor a particular genre to have an idea what do we like best and what they should watch next.

For us to be able to come up with the list, we ask all of our staff to grade each movie then rank them according to technicalities and other entertainment value. In this way, we are really proud of what we have right now as we know others will surely agree what we came up with.


Last but not the least, we also do a lot of backgrounders regarding the film, the actors, and those who made the film possible. We do interviews and a lot of human interest stories so viewers will have an understanding of the origin of the film’s idea.

We take pride on our work because we do what we like best. Combining our passion for writing and also, our passion of watching movies. Continue supporting us by following this blog to stay updated with relevant news in the movie scene in Amsterdam making it one of the Amsterdam top sightseeing spots on your city tour review.

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