Wed. Apr 8th, 2020

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Testimonial 1
This is a very informative site. I love watching films and because of this site, I was able to find out more information about my favorite films and tour places. But I hope you can cover a wider variety of foreign films too especially those that garnered awards in different film festivals across the globe. But you are already doing a great job so I hope you just keep it up for your loyal readers like me.

Testimonial 2
I like your top picks so I hope that you always do that for us to know what to watch next. I was a bit disappointed with other sites because they only promote the same films over and over again but here, I get to know the reasons why you pick those films. I hope you can also do a list like that that talk about different genres in different times. Good job guys!

Testimonial 3
Your critiques are well-written, good job guys. I like that you are unbiased with your reviews. Unlike other films website that sometimes look like they are being paid to do those reviews. However, with your site, I felt that you are hitting it at the right spot. Not too technical but not too kind also. And by the way, I love your tutorials on how to do a film review. Now I can do it by myself!

Testimonial 4:
I am so glad I found this site. Thank you for keeping me updated with the latest news about movies and films. I also like that you’re not only providing movie reviews but you are also talking about the technicality of creating a film. That’s important especially for us who want to pursue a career in film making. So you are not only providing entertainment, but also knowledge to your readers.

Testimonial 5:
Wow! This is a great read! It’s been a long time since I have actually read a movie review as good as this. I like that you are detaching your personal taste when reviewing and you are breaking down your points so readers can see where you are coming from. So now I fully get it why you don’t like some of the films that you have reviewed and why you really liked those that you are recommending.

Testimonial 6:
Combining your passion in watching movies with your creative flair, you are able to deliver on your promise to provide the latest news in the movie industry. And I like that you are consistent in ranking films that you have watched so we are always updated especially with the latest release. I hope you more success in this field guys! Continue providing great contents!

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