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Movies your Kids Should Watch Before They Become Teenagers

One great way to bond with your kids is to watch movies together. Nowadays, most kids spend more on their phones, and computers than bonding physically with their family and friends. Therefore, this is a way for you to create a connection because it works two-way: your kids will definitely enjoy these films and you get to share great movies that you loved. You can download it using voucher and coupon code for mobile apps online.


finding nemoReleased in 2013, this movie is a great way to show how parents will do everything for their children. The story of Nemo being taken away from his family and his father’s journey into finding him is a touching one – more than an English Asian dating story. It is also filled with comic moments that will surely make you laugh out loud. Just be prepared to go to a pet store to get a clown fish after the film.


Remember in 2013 when everyone sings “Let it go” every time, everywhere? This animated movie made its mark in the history of animated film as it is the first one that touched a different kind of love story, the strong bond between two sisters, a testament of true love. Aside from great stories, you are also treated with great songs that you can sing along with while watching the film.


With the first movie released in 1995, this movie series made the kids who grew up with it filled with nostalgia as the film progresses. It’s about a boy and his toys who come to life. The amazing bond and friendship that formed in this movie series is admirable just as a blog grow traffic for you.

toy story


This Spielberg classic film released in 1982 is a must for every kid. This is a great film to teach about friendship that knows no bounds and conditions. In this film, your kid will learn a lot of lessons in life.


The first movie was released in 2001 and it went on for the next 10 years totaling to 8 films in total. This film series will treat your kids to the magical world of Harry Potter filled with magic, and lessons about friendship and family.

These films are available online if you don’t have a copy yet. There are different online shopping offers and coupons you can use. But wouldn’t it be a great experience if you watch these films old school style using your blue-ray dvd film set?

5 thoughts on “Movies your Kids Should Watch Before They Become Teenagers

  1. Well, these are the animated films that everyone should watch! Regardless of your age, you should have watched all of these or else, you are missing a lot! There are so many references being made about these films that’s why you should watch all these. I think most of them are available in Netflix? I’m not sure.

  2. I agree with your list. I can still remember my happiness when I was watching those films that you listed as a child. I know my kids will definitely enjoy them do. Especially ET! Although I find it hard to find a good quality copy these days. Let me know if you know where I can get that film please! I’m not sure if they’re available already in Netflix or Hulu.

  3. I did these with my kids. They loved the films especially ET! They also want to do the bicycle scene and it took me a long time to explain that we don’t have ET so that’s impossible. Also, when we watched Frozen, that’s the same time that we went to Disneyland when they opened the frozen attraction. It was a blast and we all had fun!

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