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The No-Fear Horror Movie Marathon Challenge

This is not for the faint-hearted. This challenge is only reserved to those who are ready to watch only the scariest films made throughout the cinema history. Expect some gruesome scenes, and loud side effects. If you feel you’re not up for it, don’t worry, you can always watch this with your friends so you have someone to hug when you are afraid. We might give special discounts and promo code coupons to those who will finish this challenge.



This 1960’s classic is a masterwork in creating suspense films. This is being used by film schools when discussing technicalities and narrative as it delivered on both sides. Norman Bates, the iconic motel manager with huge mommy issues showed a stunning performance. The concept of duality was discussed in this film, and you’ll be treated with genius misdirection that will keep you on your toes.


In the 90s era, there were several horror films based on the past successful horror films that made this genre a bit cliché. However, Scream turned the table by making fun of those clichés and still delivering a suspense filled movie. This film kicked off a successful franchise raking millions in the box-office and a tv series.


horrorIt is often considered as a pornography of terror because of its disturbing cinematography. For 40 years, it is still considered as one of the classics as it was a game-changer when it was first released. It immediately created a cult-following and several films tried to copy the concept but failed. This film’s masterful mix of humor and terror is what sets this film apart.  Get your copy using promo code free shipping to save more.


No, we are not talking about the Nicholas Cage’s film in 2006 but the original one released in 1973. This film talked about cult and isolation in a terrifying way. Imagine, with good intention, you tried to help someone and ended up being the target of the community. The final scene will haunt you as you hear him scream.


This Spanish horror film will make you fear children for a long-time. The cinematic genius of this film’s creator made it possible for you to connect to the characters easily and then abandon that feeling and just run for your sanity. This isn’t recommended to those who work in an orphanage, but if you’re willing, no one will stop you.

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4 thoughts on “The No-Fear Horror Movie Marathon Challenge

  1. I agree with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre being a pornography of terror. There’s blood everywhere! And the gory part is enough to make you puke if your stomach is not that strong. However, it’s actually a great film narrative wise. And it also gave us the template on how to make these type of films. A lot of films that followed this one failed miserably in captivating the audience just like this film.

  2. I’m in! I will do this marathon over the weekend with my mates. Are these available online? Can you tell us where we can rent this film? I’m not sure if the old ones are available in youtube or itunes. And also, the Spanish one, I’m not sure where we can watch this film but the premise and the trailer looks promising.

  3. I’m not the horror type of person and these films really scarred me. I mean, my friends forced me to watch Psycho and I always feel unsafe whenever I am in a motel or hotel. I feel like there’s some psycho lurking around who will kill me. So I guess these films are effective in evoking fear to the people who are watching the films.

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